News & Updates

Royal Mail Stamp Prices as of April 2024:

Second Class Stamps: £0.85

First Class Stamps: £1.35

Second Class Large Letter Stamps: £1.55

First Class Large Letter Stamps: £2.10

Package Size and Weight Guide:

Letters not exceeding: Length: 24cm Width: 16.5cm Thickness up to and including: 0.5cm Weight limit: 100g

Large Letters not exceeding: Length: 35.3cm Width: 25cm Thickness up to and including: 2.5cm Weight limit: 750g

Small Parcels not exceeding: Length: 45cm Width: 35cm Depth: 16cm Weight limit: 2kg

Medium Parcels not exceeding: Length: 61cm Width: 46cm Depth: 46cm Weight limit: 20kg